Articles, Events and Workshops


2017 Appeared on Verulam Radio on International Women's Day talking about Women in the Workplace.

2016 Appeared on Verulam Radio talking about The Changing Room and women's issues for International Women's Day.

Cedars Upper School, talking about How to Become a Published Author

Leighton Buzzard Library talking about "Women's fiction and the Rise of Self-Publishing."
I just wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely author event you did for us on February 20th. It was well put together and very interesting. You certainly kept the audience enthralled with your experiences of self-publishing."

Jane Gill, Promotion and Programming Service Development Officer
Central Bedfordshire Libraries

Book fair and self-publishing event at Whitehall, Cheam in Surrey including talk Women Just Want To Have Fun.

Indie Author Fair at Foyles, Charing Cross Road, London.

2014 Chorleywood Literary festival.

What else can I do?

Article writing and book reviews.

For a taste of what I can do please check out some of the articles on my biography or whizz through the many blogs on The Witty Ways of a Wayward Woman. I have a distinctive writing style that is usually flavoured with humour but I also write serious articles. I'm obviously suited to articles on writing and independent publishing but I love challenges so will consider most topics except religion. So if you're stuck for a writer for an article on bagpipes or toilet holders or you need a new angle for a repeated topic please drop me a line and we can do some brainstorming.

Talks and appearances.

I talk a lot and have plenty of opinions. Especially on independent publishing but on pretty much everything else including Kim Kardashian, onesies and hamsters. If you need a colourful and truthful speaker on the realities of indie-publishing I may be your woman. Drop me a line if you're interested and we can tailor a talk to your specifics.


On blogging. From how to set up a (Blogger) blog to writing your first blog post. This is for complete beginners and can be very intensive especially if students are unfamiliar with computers and the workshop is compacted because of time/financial constraints. The workshop requires the use of a classroom with access to computers which must also be suitably equipped for powerpoint presentations. An ideal number of students is no more than eight due to the intensive student-teacher interaction. Please contact me for further details and to discuss your requirements.

On creative writing. There are so many writing courses and books out there that aspiring writers can get totally bogged down following guidelines from one of the many self-proclaimed self-publishing gurus or writers' manuals. You can literally spend years reading all the "How To" guides when you'd be better off getting down your words on paper and learning as you go along. I often see aspiring writers, or indeed published writers, setting up websites to promote themselves but who then appear on forums saying they have no idea what to write about. Huh? I often wonder how they have managed to write a book if they have no ideas! Many of them end up writing about writing or their blog fizzles out to a standstill after a year or so. My workshop is for beginners who want to know "where to start" or aspiring writers who have lost their way and need to bring the joy back into their writing. A fun interactive workshop. 

Other factors you may like to know.

If you skimmed over my biography (tut tut) you may have missed that I am qualified adult literacy support tutor and also hold the Preparing to Teach in Lifelong Learning certificate.

I am a member of The Alliance of Independent Authors an organization which aims to offer support and guidance to self-published authors and promote ethical practices in publishing.

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