Book Clubs

I am very happy to discuss my books with book clubs either in person (subject to reasonable travelling distance and costs) or by Skype. As a long term member of a book club, one of the reasons I wrote The Changing Room was to fill a gap I had identified in the book club market which I thought should offer more fun but thought-provoking choices to mature women.

Over the years, my friends and I, all with busy lives, have abandoned heavyweight literary novels in search of lighter reading that could be easily put-down or picked-up in the briefest moments. Yet many of the lighter books on offer did not have hold any attraction either as often they were novels in search of "Mr Right," a subject matter we had little interest in being middle-aged and facing many conflicts of duty rather than the heady days of romantic encounters.

There is, of course, room for all types of literature in the book market and, from time to time, even the most hardened of hearts enjoys a light romance. Nevertheless, it is my belief that the current market does not cater enough for older women who would like a light entertaining read but who would also like to find ones with enough depth and intellectual stimulus to generate book club discussions. I wrote The Changing Room in the hope of bridging that gap.

All editions of The Changing Room contain book club discussion points and an author question and answer section which I hope will provide you with added interest and pointers for discussion. If your book club discusses The Changing Room or A Modern Life I would love to hear your feedback. You can contact me at